Restoring Sanity

The higher the highs the lower the lows.
The brighter the light the darker the holes.

The deeper the pain the greater the gain.

There is a treasure within ourselves.
We just have to find it.

The truth doesn’t come smoothly. It comes hailing down on you.

If it doesn’t hurt it is not the truth.

The truth isn’t a pre-cooked dinner of your mom. It’s raw. You will not find a recipe on how to prepare it.

Because there is nothing to prepare.

If you walk on the verge of insanity everything is about balance.

Text: Ulrike Schuster

Identität ist das, was du daraus machst!
#olliversum #markenentwicklung #persönlichkeitsentfaltung

Restoring Sanity
Handgeschöpftes Büttenpapier 21,5 x 21,5 cm, Bleistift, Tusche-Fineliner,
Aquarellstift, Acrylfarbe, Blattgold, Onyx, Turmalin, Granat, Rutilquarz Edelstein