Amplify Love

I breathe in deeply.

All negativity evaporates with my outbreath.

A warm energy flow climbs from chakra to chakra.

Every chakra – from root to crown – unites into one circle.

A warm golden wave lights up my whole body.

Love runs through my veins.

Every tiny bit of tension eases.

A tingeling sensation circulates from head to toe – embracing my entire being.

Every cell expands.

Every cell becomes love.

Every cell erradicates the last bits of resistance.

All the energy I have ever received transforms into light.

I imagine everybody can feel it now.

The love erruption.

Be love. Now.

Text: Ulrike Schuster

Identität ist das, was du daraus machst!
#olliversum #markenentwicklung #persönlichkeitsentfaltung

Amplify Love
Handgeschöpftes Büttenpapier 21,5 x 21,5 cm, Bleistift, Tusche-Fineliner,
Aquarellstift, Acrylfarbe, Blattgold, Rosenquarz, Malachit Edelstein